Starling murmuration @Brighton Pier

This afternoon whilst walking my dog back from Brighton Marina, I was lucky enough to catch sight of a great spectacle seen around Brighton pier…the starling murmuration.

Starling murmuration over Brighton pier

Starling murmuration over Brighton pier

The starlings (Sturnus vulgaris) perform this aerobatic display of swooping, soaring and diving around autumn and winter time before they roost. It really is an amazing thing to see with swarms of starlings flying elegantly in tightly synchronised groups, like undulating clouds of black smoke.There were flocks of starlings flying in from all different directions at the same time like eager teens on their way to a party.

By putting on this display, starlings gain safety in numbers and also benefit from the extra warmth from roosting together.  Now is the best time to see this display as numbers are high due to over-wintering immigrants from northern Europe.


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